Okaki Hot Chilli Cracker – 5.5kg

Carton Qty: 1 x 1

SKU: 24039 Category: Product Brand: OkakiProduct country: JapanWeight: 5.5kg

Introducing the Okaki Hot Chilli Cracker in a generous 5.5kg package – a fiery and flavorful snacking experience that will spice up your taste buds. These crunchy rice crackers are seasoned with a zesty blend of chili spices, creating a bold and spicy snack that’s perfect for those who crave a kick of heat. Whether you’re a snack retailer looking to add some fiery excitement to your product lineup or a chef seeking an intense flavor element for your dishes, the Okaki Hot Chilli Cracker is a versatile choice. Elevate your store’s snack offerings or spice up your culinary creations with these hot and addictive crackers that are sure to leave a lasting impression.