Mrs Bridges Chutney For Cheese – 300g

Carton Qty: 1 x 6

SKU: 45090 Category: Product Brand: Mrs BridgesProduct country: United KingdomWeight: 300g

Enhance your cheese platters and culinary creations with Mrs. Bridges Chutney for Cheese – 300g. This chutney is thoughtfully crafted to complement a variety of cheeses, offering a flavorful and versatile condiment. Made with care, it provides a delightful addition to your kitchen. Elevate your store’s pantry selection with Mrs. Bridges Chutney for Cheese and introduce your customers to the flavorful world of gourmet chutneys designed specifically to pair with different cheese varieties. Explore its chunky texture, ideal for serving alongside cheese boards, charcuterie, or as a delicious accompaniment to elevate the flavors of cheese-based dishes and snacks.