German Red Cabbage Tin – 9.7kg

Carton Qty: 1 x 1

SKU: 68035 Category: Product Brand: WastaProduct country: GermanyWeight: 9.7kg

Experience the authentic taste of Germany with this sizable 9.7kg tin of German Red Cabbage. A staple in traditional German cuisine, this red cabbage is meticulously prepared to deliver the rich, sweet, and tangy flavors that make it a beloved side dish. Whether you’re a professional chef looking to create authentic German recipes or a retailer catering to culinary enthusiasts, this German Red Cabbage in a large tin is a valuable addition to your kitchen or store. It pairs wonderfully with sausages, roasts, and hearty meals, allowing you to offer your customers a taste of Germany’s culinary heritage. Elevate your culinary offerings with this generous tin of German Red Cabbage and delight in its convenience and quality.