Tania Pitted Sour Cherries – 4.1kg

Carton Qty: 1 x 3

SKU: 38004 Categories: , Product Brand: TaniaProduct country: HungaryWeight: 4.1kg

Savor the tart and fruity goodness of Tania Pitted Sour Cherries – 4.1kg. These sour cherries are carefully pitted and preserved, capturing the natural tangy flavor and vibrant color of this delightful fruit. Imported with care, they offer a taste of authentic sour cherries, perfect for incorporating into desserts, jams, or as a topping for various dishes in bulk quantities. Elevate your store’s pantry selection with Tania Pitted Sour Cherries and introduce your customers to the bright and tangy world of sour cherries. Explore the tender and juicy texture, ideal for enhancing the flavors of a wide range of culinary creations, from pies to ice creams, or simply enjoying them as a refreshing and tangy snack.