Sabaton Roasted Chestnuts – Jar – 180g

Carton Qty: 1 x 6

SKU: 57003 Categories: , Product Brand: SabatonProduct country: FranceWeight: 180g

Savor the rich and nutty flavor of Sabaton Roasted Chestnuts – Jar – 180g. These chestnuts are expertly roasted to perfection and sealed in a convenient jar for your enjoyment. Introduce your customers to the delicious world of roasted chestnuts with Sabaton Roasted Chestnuts and enhance their snacking experience with the warm and earthy taste of roasted chestnuts. These chestnuts make for a delightful and wholesome snack that can be enjoyed straight from the jar or incorporated into your favorite recipes. The 180g jar size offers a convenient and portable way to enjoy the natural goodness of roasted chestnuts anytime, anywhere. Elevate your snack selection with Sabaton Roasted Chestnuts and let your customers indulge in this timeless and satisfying treat.