Manner Mignon Wafers – 400g

Carton Qty: 1 x 10

SKU: 6002 Categories: , Product Brand: MannerProduct country: AustriaWeight: 400g

These delectable crispy wafers are generously filled with a delightful hazelnut-cocoa cream and enrobed in rich dark chocolate. You can savor the goodness of Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers from a conveniently resealable 400g bag designed to keep their freshness intact.

Ever wondered about the meaning of “Mignon”? Derived from French, “Mignon” translates to “sweet and lovely,” a fitting representation of the enchanting experience offered by Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers.

Rest assured, the production of Manner Mignon Hazelnut Wafers strictly adheres to the Manner quality guarantee and upholds the principles of sustainable cocoa farming.