Knorr Sauce Mix Bearnaise Pkt – 26g

Carton Qty: 2 x 12

SKU: 85010 Category: Product Brand: KnorrProduct country: USAWeight: 26g

Enhance your culinary creations with the rich and flavorful Knorr Sauce Mix Bearnaise Pkt – 26g. This convenient sauce mix allows you to effortlessly prepare a classic Bearnaise sauce with all the traditional flavors and aromas.

Crafted with precision, Knorr’s Bearnaise sauce mix combines the perfect balance of ingredients, to create a velvety and indulgent sauce that pairs beautifully with grilled steaks, roast chicken, or seafood. The 26g packet provides you with just the right amount of mix to create a delicious Bearnaise sauce, making it a time-saving addition to your kitchen.

Elevate your dishes and impress your guests with the authentic taste of a homemade Bearnaise sauce, thanks to Knorr’s convenient sauce mix. With Knorr Sauce Mix Bearnaise Pkt – 26g, you can enjoy the decadent flavors of this classic sauce without the hassle of preparing it from scratch.