Go Tan Ketchap Manis – 270ml

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SKU: 73079 Category: Product Brand: GoTanProduct country: HollandWeight: 270ml

Enhance your dishes with the rich and sweet flavor of Go Tan Ketchap Manis – 270ml. Ketchap Manis, also known as Indonesian sweet soy sauce, is a staple in Indonesian cuisine and adds a delightful depth of flavor to a variety of dishes.

Go Tan Ketchap Manis features a perfect balance of sweetness and umami, making it a versatile condiment for both savory and sweet applications. Drizzle it over stir-fried noodles, marinate meats, or use it as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and dumplings.

With its convenient 270ml bottle, Go Tan Ketchap Manis is a must-have in your pantry for elevating your Asian-inspired cooking. Bring the authentic taste of Indonesian cuisine to your home kitchen with Go Tan Ketchap Manis – 270ml.