Opies Pineapple w Spiced Rum – 460g

Carton Qty: 1 x 6

SKU: 69075 Categories: , Product Brand: OpiesProduct country: United KingdomWeight: 460g

Delight in the exquisite blend of Opies Pineapple with Spiced Rum – 460g. These succulent pineapple pieces are infused with the rich and aromatic flavors of spiced rum, creating a tropical and indulgent treat.

Crafted with care and made from high-quality ingredients, these pineapple pieces offer a harmonious balance of sweet and spicy notes. They are perfect for enjoying as a standalone dessert or can be used to add a Caribbean twist to your favorite dishes and cocktails.

The convenient jar packaging ensures that you can enjoy these tantalizing pineapple pieces with ease. Whether you’re seeking a taste of the tropics in your desserts or creating inventive cocktails, Opies Pineapple with Spiced Rum – 460g is a premium choice for those looking to infuse their culinary creations with tropical flair. Order now and savor the exceptional quality and taste of this delightful pairing.